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Exclusive: Kail Lowry Responds To Javi’s Tell All Book- ‘I Could Write One Too’

Exclusive Response!

As fans of Teen Mom 2 know, Kail Lowry published her second book last year, Hustle and Heart (read about that here). While there were moments in the book where she touched on her personal life, the vast majority of the book was about life lessons she learned and how she’s grown from them. She also was very careful to not bash past relationships she’s been on, only mentioning certain aspects of them if they pertained to explaining how she used them to grow and learn. Recently, her ex Javi Marroquin revealed he is writing a book entitled Heartlessly Hustled, a clear dig at Lowry’s title, that he promises to be a “tell all” about his relationship with her. We spoke to Lowry exclusively to get her response to the book this morning.

Exclusive: Kail Lowry Responds To Javi’s Tell All Book- ‘I Could Write One Too’

Lowry exclusively told us that, “We were married, so we both know pretty much the worst and best about each other. I have enough to publish a book too, but what’s the point?”

“I’ve apologized to Javi time and time again – yes, crying to him that I’m sorry things ended the way the did,” she continued. “And he accepted. I don’t know what it will take for him to move on from all this, but I assure you continuing to bash me won’t help.”

“I’m not sure what he’s looking to accomplish by a tell all,” she added. “ Our lives are entertainment to people. Most of the fans who watch the show don’t actually care about us or our kids’s well being, and a ‘tell all’ certainly isn’t going to help Lincoln or Isaac in any way.”

Lowry wrapped with asking, “What’s a tell all book really saying about Javi? You always see someone’s true colors by the way they treat you when you’re on bad terms, so I guess his are coming out.”

We appreciate Lowry sharing her response with us.

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