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Lisa Vanderpump- Lisa Rinna’s Claims About Kim Had Zero Credence

Zero Credence!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is coming to Kim Richards‘s defense over claims Lisa Rinna made about her “being close to death” (read about those here). What is she saying? Read on for details.

Lisa Vanderpump Lisa Rinna Claims About Kim Had Zero Credence

“I love Kim,” Vanderpump said in her Bravo blog. “We started this experience seven years ago, and I bore witness to her struggles with sobriety. I know her journey has been a challenging, painful one.”

As she has been so successful lately in her attempt to remain sober, it must be crucifying to have people doubt you,” Vanderpump continued, “have the doubt thrust into an arena, where it is up for public scrutiny, all because of an hour or so interaction at Kyle‘s house, where there was zero evidence to give Rinna’s claims any credence.”

We are proud of Richards for sticking to her sobriety and know that Rinna’s accusations must be tough to deal with. We also agree with Vanderpump, that there was zero evidence of Richards not being sober that night.

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