Teresa Giudice Mom Death

Teresa Giudice On Mom- My Heart Is Completely Broken

So Sad!

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga, who lost their mom over the weekend at the young age of 66 (read more about that here). In the past few days, Giudice has been on Instagram posting pictures of her Mom and sharing her thoughts. Read on for details.

Teresa Giudice Mom Death My Heart Is Completely Broken

Giudice has posted a bunch of photos that have the following captions:

  • “I miss my mommy so much.”
  • “always there for us & former in our hearts.”
  • “She will forever be missed and cherished in my heart! Because of her I will find the strength to continue life’s journey. My mother, my confidant, my best friend , my everything .. until we meet again ❤❤I love you mommy❤”
  • “Oh mommy, my heart is completely broken, you taught me so much about life, love and motherhood. This is a pain I’ve never felt before and goes so deep. I hope you know how deeply you were loved and how very badly you’ll be missed.”
  • “My beloved mother, you are so beautiful. I miss you so much and my heart is broken. Mamma ti amo per sempre ❤”
  • “Mom I love you so much can’t stop thinking about you with @melissagorga.”
  • “Love you Mama ❤”
  • “Mommy you are so beautiful ❤”
  • “Mama ❤❤❤ Ske lived for us always put us first ❤??”
  • “Love you Mommy ❤”
  • “Best thing about doing RHONJ that I was able to do my cookbooks and have all my moms recipes something that I will cherish my whole life and pass down to my daughters. Mommy I love you ❤”
  • “Never seen two people more in love than my parents ❤”
  • “An amazing love they have together ❤”
  • “Our MOM the Rock of our family ❤ @joeygorga

Teresa is, understandably, grieving and we pray for her strength at this time. This is, truly, heartbreaking.

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