Big Ang Sister

Big Ang’s Sister Defends Herself Against Claims She KILLED Ang!

Say What?

While it was a while back that Mob Wives matriarch Big Ang passed away from cancer (read about that here), her sister, Janine Detore, recently posted an angry message on Facebook to defend herself against claims that she killed Big Ang by drugging her! Read on for details.

Big Ang Sister Defends Herself Against Claims She KILLED Ang!

Detore posted the following, anger-filled message:

“Listen up family members & friends of George Raiola. You wanna go around saying I murdered my sister with 3 1/2 doses of a rice size oil… I’ve had it with you! I took care of my sister every single second and happy to do it. would do it again if I could.

Where were you when my sister needed help? No where. You didn’t do anything to help her ever! What do you really know about MY SISTER?…I’m done. They are disgusting & they sicken me!

If my family & friends are interested this is what MY SISTER died from: lung cancer. Not 3 doses of cannabis!!!! Ok so let me make sure you understand what I’m saying. DON’T call me or my kids or my husband when you need something that door is f**king permanently closed.

My sister is gone and honestly who the f**k even needs you guys? My sister knows the truth… I’d do it again Angela if I could… Rest In Peace sis they did nothing but use you…I love you. Until we meet again.”

Wow. This is very powerful and we definitely understand why Detore would be upset having those allegations thrown against her. We give her credit for even addressing them, and definitely can sympathize with the anger.

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