Leah Messer Pregnancy

EXCLUSIVE: Leah Messer Pregnancy Status Confirmed

Pregnant Or Not?

There have been a ton of rumors floating around regarding if Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is pregnant (read about this here). They began when her daughter mentioned her having a “baby in her belly” on a Facebook Live video. Then, there was a sonogram noticed hanging on Messer’s fridge in a recent episode of the show. While Messer has denied that she is pregnant, fans are still questioning if she is or not. We reached out to an exclusive insider close to Messer to see what they had to say now that the rumor has been out for a bit. What did they tell us? Read on for details.

Exclusive Leah Messer Pregnancy Status Confirmed

According to our source, they confirmed what Messer is saying.

Namely, they told us that, “Leah is definitely not pregnant. This is a rumor that is simply not true.”

While we now know she’s not pregnant, Messer did continue to add fuel to the fire earlier this week when she appeared on the Teen Mom 2 After Show and said she’d want a baby boy if she was to have another baby (read about that here).

Tell us- are you surprised to learn Messer is NOT pregnant? Let us know in the comments below.

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