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EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Griffith Responds To Being Banned From Gym

Exclusive Response

Recently, a photo surfaced that Teen Mom 2 Dad Nathan Griffith had posted on Snapchat, which appeared to mock a heavyweight trainer at the gym he goes to, Gold’s Gym. Gold’s responded by claiming he was removed as a member from the gym. We caught up with Griffith exclusively to find out what happened.

EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Griffith Responds To Being Banned From Gym

[Note: the thoughts expressed below are quotes from Griffith and are not reflective of the opinions of the authors of this website.]

After telling us he was not banned from the gym, Griffith defended his posting of the photo.

“I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t get jujitsu lessons from someone who didn’t do jujitsu or get my hair done by a hair stylist with fu**ed up hair,” he stated. “Hence I wouldn’t be going to a trainer that didn’t practice what they preach.”

“To most people, (they think) I’m the biggest douchebag and I really don’t care anymore,” he added.

Griffith had more to say, claiming that, “The only people who got offended were people who were overweight. If they have a problem with me making a justified comment then they can go f**k themselves.”

“America is becoming filled with a bunch of non-working lazy ass crybabies and I’m getting sick of it,” he wrapped with saying. “We are so worried about making everyone feel comfortable that it’s f**king up our society.”

Tell us- what do you think of Griffith’s response? Is America too uptight or was his Snapchat wrong? Sound off in the comments below.

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