EXCLUSIVE: Sam Provenzano Responds to Robert Sepulveda Jr’s SHOCKING Instagram Post!

When Finding Prince Charming premiered on Logo last year, we weren’t exactly sure what to think and fans had the same reaction. With the star of the show being a former male escort, the show didn’t really leave fans with a great lasting impression. Since the show, Robert Sepulveda Jr has been very active on social media and hasn’t held back on any of his post-show thoughts.

Recently, Sepulveda Jr posted a video on his Instagram talking about all of the upcoming TV projects that he has coming up, his current relationship status, and made a shocking revelation stating that he might actually start dating women! We were SHOCKED when we saw the video and surprised at how arrogant and cocky Sepulveda came off. Check out the video below:

After we saw the video, we immediately reached out to one of the suitors from the show, Sam Provenzano for his take on what Robert had to say. Check out Provenzano exclusive response to us below:

“Clearly doing the show got to his head a little bit. I feel sorta bad for him and just hope he is in a healthy state of mind… and if he isn’t that he gets the help he needs. It’s quite alarming. He’s very desperate to keep his 15 minutes up. Robert ISN’T Reality TV material and he knows it. He lacks personality, authenticity, and quite frankly he’s just not someone people want to know nor watch.”

“He should focus on his lack of sales of his calendar and his interior design business– if it really exists. He’s a liar and manipulator. I’m glad he and Eric are no longer seeing each other. Eric deserves so much better.

Oh & him wanting to all of a sudden date women?! He’s just making a mockery of the LGBT community… shame on him!

Well, there you have it! Sam is obviously not amused with what Robert had to say & the two are not going to be getting together anytime soon.

Tell us- what do YOU think of what Robert & Sam had to say? Sound off in the comments below!