Plastic Martyr Tonya Banks

Plastic Martyr Gets Into It On Twitter with Kyle Richards Mother-In-Law!

Trans Model Plastic Martyr made a splash last season on Little Women LA when she came on the show to reveal that Briana Renee‘s husband had sexted her. Now, Plastic is making headlines again after getting into a Twitter feud with Dr. Estella Sneider who is actually Kyle Richards‘s mother-in-law! Dr. Estella is more than just a mother-in-law, she’s also a radio personality and sex therapist with big opinions.

According to The Dirty, Plastic was on Dr. Estella’s radio show and thought she was very sweet. However, the two actually disagreed about politics specifically president Donald Trump. “We just have conflicting opinions about a d****ebag president and his s****y administration,” Plastic told The Dirty.

Plastic wrapped by saying that she will stick with talking sex with the Doctor instead of politics. We’re glad that the two are still friends despite their small disagreement.