Vicki Gunvalson RHOC Season 12

Vicki Gunvalson Demands $132K from Ex-Business Partner!

Even though The Real Housewives of Orange County isn’t currently airing, the drama always surrounds Vicki Gunvalson. Earlier today, The Dirty reported that Vicki is back in court demanding that her ex-business partner owes her $132k.

Gunvalson and her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers have been battling her former business partner in court for years over her failed vodka line Vicki’s Vodka. After Ayers was awarded $132,641; he transferred the rights to the 132k to Gunvalson which she now is trying to get. The major problem is that her ex-business partner is in bankruptcy and is trying to get his debt wiped clean.

According to The Dirty,  “Vicki recently filed docs in the case explaining Robert’s objection to her claim in his bankruptcy is nonsense. She points to ‘baseless remarks he added to his court filing saying they are untrue and have no bearing on the dispute. She says she will not admit them and will not dignify them with a response.”

We hope that this case gets resolved so that Vicki and her former business partner will finally be able to move past all of this.