Amber Portwood Wedding Date (And Plans) Revealed!

Amber Portwood Wedding Date (And Plans) Revealed!

Amber Portwood Wedding

Big Day!

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has been engaged to Matt Baier for a bit of time now, but she recently revealed in a new story with E Online that the wedding will be happening this year! She also dished more on the details, and Baier even revealed the date they hope it will happen on! Read on to see what she said.

Amber Portwood Wedding Date And Plans Revealed

Portwood told E Online that the wedding will happen “This October.”

Baier then added of the date that it will be “Ideally, Oct. 10 because that was the day we met in person for the first time.”

As far as the dress, Portwood confirmed she will be designing it herself and wants something “with a late ’40s to early ’50s style.”

We are excited to hear more details about this wedding and finally have a timeframe set.

Congrats, Amber and Matt!

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  1. I hope they give out Clorox wipes to their guests so they can wipe each other all down after watching these two dirt balls touch each other. They look gross on the outside and not to mention inside. Ew.

  2. Well for all the nasty comments yall are gross and disgusting no matter what the age is between them their in love leave them alone…..
    Ps love you amber n Matt congrats