‘Little Women: Atlanta’ EXCLUSIVE: Tanya Recaps Last Week’s Dramatic Episode!

Get the real scoop on what happened on last weeks Little Women: Atlanta with Tanya! Check out her exclusive recap below!

Tanya’s LWATL Episode 10 Recap!

Last week’s episode started off really great for me but ultimately ended in heartbreak. It opened up my eyes to a lot, and gave me so much to think about… but let’s start at the beginning. 

Watching Juicy and Monie talk about the situation between Nico and I is tugging at my heartstrings because my situation is similar to Monie’s. We are both just fighting for our families and that’s really tough for anyone. That’s something I wish people could really understand. 

Nico coming to Atlanta did make me feel better about things, though. When he walked through that door and started playing with the kids, it really made me feel like things were going to be OK. He still seemed like he was on the fence about stepping up to the plate, though, so just in case…I let him know that he has NO CHOICE!

But now that the spotlight is off of me, I can focus on some of the other girls and what they’re going through. Minnie’s situation with her breathing is so sad. Knowing how much us little people have to go through health-wise, I understand just how serious and scary all of this is for her. I’m so glad she’s getting this taken care of now and that the twins are there for her!

On our side of town, the longer Nico is in the house, the more serious conversations come up, like the fact that he needs to get a job and start pulling his weight around the house. I’m not entirely sure everything is sinking in, but I’m really hoping that I’m getting through on some level!

In the meantime, we’ve decided to throw a housewarming party and Juicy agrees to go shopping with me to get everything ready for it. That’s when I decided to make the party about Nico as well. I wanted to celebrate him moving to Atlanta and give him and the girls another chance to get to know each other…because we all know what happened last time!

Fingers crossed.

I have to admit, this stakeout that Minnie and Juicy have going on is HILARIOUS. And it’s a nice distraction from what I’m going through. The look on Morlin’s face when he realizes they’re at his job is priceless. But hearing his side of the story and seeing the confusion and pain on his face when he talks about Monie, it’s crazy. He really loves that girl. You can see it all over his face. I mean, I know he’s mad…but Minnie and Juicy are reminding him that this is the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And I think it might be starting to sink in a little bit. This is what I call sisterhood.

Meanwhile, I think Monie and D2 are coming to an understanding. A mother’s love for her children runs so deep and it melts my heart to see them having a heart-to-heart about his future and whether or not they’ll be getting to spend more time together. I have a feeling that it’s all going to work out fine.

And speaking of a mother’s love…Andrea is really doing a great job with Aubrey. I know it must be so hard without Chris there, but take it from me, us mamas can do more than we think. We’re stronger than we know. But I’m so glad that baby girl doesn’t need her feeding tube anymore! Such good news!

Now, to some not-so-great news. The night of the housewarming, I had to brace myself to tell these girls that Nico moved out because he wasn’t ready for another baby. I felt so dumb in that moment, but having my girls there made it a little easier…until Morlin showed up unexpected. Seeing him and Monie getting back together is a little bittersweet, but it also gives me hope that there are good guys still out there.

Cheers to me finding one!

And while Cupid is on the move, please let him tap Jordan on the shoulder and tell him to bring a ring for Amanda to dinner next time— that saxophone player was NOT what she was expecting, honey!

well… ’til next time,