‘Bringing Up Ballers’ EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Talks The REAL Reason She Threw a Stroller!

We have recently become obsessed with Lifetime‘s newest docu-series, Bringing Up Ballers. The series follows five Chicago women that are mothers of young basketball stars and they do whatever it takes to make sure their children succeed. On last week’s episode, we were introduced to suburban Basketball Mom Tiffany  and her son Michael. Fellow Baller Mom Johanna was not impressed with Tiffany or her son and caused a huge commotion at practice and the big tournament. Lots of rumors were spread about Tiffany and we caught up with her so she could set the record straight.

Even though we have only met Tiffany and her son Michael so far, she actually has 5 kids total with 3 of them involved in sports! Besides being a super Mom and being very involved in her kids’ lives and activities, she also owns the top auto repair business in Chicagoland with her husband and just started an online boutique! If that isn’t enough on her plate, she’s also working on a book!

When Tiffany stepped onto Johanna‘s home turf, things got very intense and the two constantly went at it but did keep it from getting physical… this time. Tiffany and Johanna seemed to know each other from the Baller world and had an instant dislike towards one another. “I’ve seen her in the gym before but never got to know her personally because our boys are on different levels of basketball“, Tiffany told us. “I did know she was a friend of Nikki‘s and was warned that she liked to talk a lot of mess. My reaction was bring it because she’s gonna meet her match. Her son is a phenomenal basketball player and she’s done a great job as a single parent. I’ve been a single mom so I can relate, but when it comes to basketball there are no friends on the court. I’ve been around this game a long time so I know what I’m dealing with.”

Even though things didn’t get physical between these two this time, things have got pretty crazy in the past. A lot of the other Moms were alluding to the fact that Tiffany was a crazy Basketball Mom and even threw a stroller in the past! Here is Tiffany’s full response to those comments:

“We were out of state at an AAU tournament over the summer and our team was losing only by about 3. It was a very heated game because whoever won was going to the championship so it was serious. The kids on the other team started getting real scrappy. And one of our smaller boys went up for a layup and a kid from the other team came right under him causing our kid to fall pretty hard. The way he fell he could of been seriously injured. And the refs didn’t even stop the game! I was so pissed that I ran onto the court so they had to stop the game and it just escalated from there. For the record, there were NO kids in the stroller!! But it was a heat of the moment and that was the closest thing to me and I just picked it up and threw it. It wasn’t just me mad either. It was all the parents. Unfortunately, the refs called the game and I felt so horrible because we still could of won, but if they were doing their job then it wouldn’t of happened. Refs are suppose to control the game. What that kid did to our kid was intentional and everyone saw how scrappy and out of control it was getting. But whatever it’s a new day!! But yes it’s true, it happened and I would do it again in the same situation because I stand up for my team boys. Every last one of them!” 

There you have it! The stroller story has finally been told and we completely understand where Tiffany was coming from. Be sure to catch Bringing Up Ballers every Wednesday night at 10/9c on Lifetime! 

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