Lisa Rinna Xanax

Harry Hamlin Owns Up To It- “We Have Smoothies In The House!”

Owning It!

Last night, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna‘s husband, Harry Hamlin, appeared on Watch What Happens Live. While there, the topic of Rinna’s “Xanax smoothies” came up. What did he have to say about them? Read on for details.

Lisa Rinna Xanax Smoothies Harry Hamlin Says We Have Smoothies In The House

Hamlin owned up to what’s going on, specifically denying the claims his wife puts Xanax in smoothies. 

“There has never been a Xanax in a smoothie,” he revealed.

“We do have smoothies in our house,” he added, “and from time to time, there’s a little bit of Xanax for flying long distances.”

“The two have never come together,” he reiterated.

Looking back on the scene, it definitely seems like Rinna was making a joke, and it clearly got turned into part of a storyline.

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