RHOA Reunion

RHOA Reunion- Find Out What Went Down Here!


Yesterday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta taped their reunion. Now, details have been released via The Dirty on what went down yesterday. Read on for details!

RHOA Reunion- Find Out What Went Down Here!

A source The Dirty spoke to stated that, “It was an epic reunion that was like no other reunion to date.”

“It was very scandalous,” they added.

Their source also said that “there were a couple of major fights and lots of tears” but no physical fights.

Andy was at his best,” they insider continued detailing. “He asked a lot of tough questions and didn’t let anyone off the hook.”

As far as who the reunion surrounded a lot around, The Dirty‘s insider claimed that, “There were a lot of moments at the reunion surrounding Kandi.”

“There’s more to the story than what the fans saw thus far,” their source wrapped with saying. “People are going to be shocked.”

We can’t wait to see all this drama unfold!

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