Courtland Rogers Prison

Courtland’s Back! See What He’s Saying Here!

He’s Back!

All Teen Mom 2 fans remember Courtland Rogers, who was married to Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans for a brief stint of time. This past weekend, Rogers was released from prison. What is saying now that he’s out?

Courtland Rogers Prison Release See What He’s Saying

“Been dreaming about this day for a longgggggg time now,” he began tweeting, after over a year of being away.

Then, after posting his selfie above, he stated that, “Some stupid person had to go and hack my Facebook smh so guess I’m starting one from scratch.”

Then, Rogers posted pictures with his dog, a video with his daughter from before he went away, and a Twitter status of “How wonderful it feels to b in my bed …. Goodnight.”

Since then, he tweeted a few more things, including tweeting today that he is “555 days sober today.”

We continue to hope that Rogers stays on the right path and wish him the best now that he’s out of jail.

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