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EXCLUSIVE: Javi Claimed He Filed For Divorce Twice Even Though He Didn’t

Exclusive Details!

In a clip from tonight’s Teen Mom 2 reunion- prior to producers talking about Jenelle Evans storming out of the show- Kailyn Lowry talks to a producer, Kristen, about what happened with Javi Marroquin. Read on to see what she says and some exclusive details we have heard from an insider!

Exclusive Javi Claimed He Filed For Divorce Twice Even Though He Didn’t

In the clip, Lowry states, “December I filed for divorce ’cause Javi had lied twice already at that time and told me he had filed for divorce. We were fighting so much. I just wasn’t happy for one or two years at that point.”

While the rest of the clip- which we’ve posted below- has to do with Evans, it was interesting that Lowry noted Marroquin lied by saying he filed for divorce on two separate occasions.

We reached out to a source close to the situation who dished that, “Javi lied to Kail. He told her in September of 2015 that he had filed for divorce.”

“The week Kail actually ended up filling,” our insider continued, “Kail asked him where she could sign uncontested, meaning that she agreed to it. He wouldn’t tell her.”

“Kail ended up getting a lawyer and then found out that Javi had never filed,” our source added. “So she ended up filing herself.”

“It was inevitable and going to happen anyway,” our insider wrapped with saying, “but it’s definitely ridiculous for Javi to act like it came out of left filed when he was already claiming he had filed.”

Tell us- are you surprised to hear this? Sound off in the comments below and check out the clip from tonight’s reunion below.

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