Kim D Car

Kim DePaola Sets The Record Straight Regarding The Double Murder!

This weekend, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans were shocked to hear the news that two people were found dead in Kim DePaola‘s car over the weekend. Fans immediately expected the worst and were very concerned for DePaola and her family. Fans have been wanting answers regarding the real story of what happened, and DePaola has finally spoken out.

DePaola told, “People are saying my car was tied to the murders, my car was not tied to anyone. Aaron Anderson, a friend of my son, was supposed to drop my son off at the airport, park the car and not use it. But he used the car and then this horrific accident happened.”

DePaola also stated that her son was in California at the time of this horrific incident. She also told Radar that this incident would have happened whether it was in her car or not. The cops never thought DePaola was a suspect in this case.

She wrapped up by saying, “The mob doesn’t do this. It would be gang related. Maybe they pissed someone off and they’re making a statement. I hope they find these savages.”

The case is still being investigated and dental records are being sought to identify the victims.