EXCLUSIVE: Minnie Recaps Last Weeks Episode & Her Fight with Tanya!

Check out Minnie‘s episode recap for all the tea on what she was really thinking during last weeks episode & especially her insane fight with Tanya!

Minnie’s Episode 11 Recap!

Another week, another episode of Little Women: ATL! It’s so fun to be hanging out with the twins, shopping for baby Aubrey. My God baby has to be fly at all times. I am NOT gonna have her out here looking like a thot! We’re gonna find the perfect outfit today, honey. 
Then, it’s time to drop the news on the twins that I’m about to ask my mom to move out. I’m sorry— I love my mama, and I will miss her dearly…but I need my independence! It’s time for me to find a place. I want to date and enjoy my life and it’s not easy when you have your mom around all the time. Some things just have to change. 
But speaking of dating, Amanda finally fills us in on what happened the night of her and Jordan’s anniversary. A saxophone player…? Really? I completely understand why she feels disappointed and embarrassed. She wanted a ring! After two years, that is not unreasonable. Get it together, Jordan! 
Watching the next part of the episode, now I get how this bobblehead business all started. I guess Juicy’s publicist thought this was a good idea. I have no comment…not yet, anyway. 
And then, this conversation between Morlin and Monie has my emotions all over the place! I love seeing them back together, (thanks to my handiwork, thank you very much!) but when he says the wedding is still off…chile, I’m like….what?! 
But Monie is surprisingly understanding and I’m glad they’re on the same page…FINALLY….so I’m gonna leave it alone. 
Then, the hardest part of this week for me… it comes time for me to talk to my mom and give her this eviction notice. I was like….Jesus, take the wheel! I did not know how she was gonna take the news. BUT, I had a secret weapon to soften her up a little bit. When I tell her about the party I have planned, I see her flash a little smile. Eureka! 
Me and the girls will help you pack, mama! 
Some of this episode was hard to watch. Tanya is still struggling with her situation with Nico, Monie is still trying to figure things out with her baby’s father and Amanda is feeling vulnerable about where she is with Jordan and I just feel for them all..even Tanya, even though we’ve had our issues. (side-eye).
But on to this party. My mom was still trying to give me the cold shoulder, but I’m not backing down. I really feel like we need to learn how to stand on our own. Then, as if things aren’t awkward enough, Monie comes in talking about Juicy’s not coming. SMH. 
Then, I have to watch her and Monie planning this party for Morlin. It’s like, what the hell? How are you gon skip my party and then jump your ass into another party the next day. It’s ok though…we’ll deal with that later. 
First, I wanna really shout out Amanda and Jordan for really talking through their problems and coming closer together. Jordan is a good man and I’m so happy for them. I just know I better be in that wedding when the time does come! I ain’t playin’, Amanda!
Meanwhile, I get to Morlin’s party and right off the bat, Juicy starts gettin’ fresh with me…so when she pulled out that damn bobblehead, I was too through. Then, she wanna have the NERVE to say I was hating. No, Juicy, I just don’t feel like playin’ with this crazy lookin’ doll that looks nothing like you!
Girl, bye. 
But if you wanna press my buttons, I’ll show you what it looks like to really hate. And Tanya butting in just sent me over the edge. Why are you gettin’ in the middle of something that don’t have nothin to do with you?! She’s lucky she’s pregnant because I was ready to throw more than chicken wings on both their asses. TRUST.