EXCLUSIVE: Ashlee & Brynn Are Leaving “Dance Moms” with Abby!


Dance Moms is going to be going through some MAJOR changes after this season. With Abby Lee Miller leaving the show and the former ALDC Elite Team training at a different studio, fans won’t be seeing the same old Dance Moms anymore. After rumors that Ashlee Allen and her daughter Brynn Rumfallo would be leaving the show after a major altercation with Camille and Cameron Bridges, we decided to reach out to Allen to get her side of the story.

Regarding her status on the show, Ashlee exclusively told us, “I will not be returning with the current cast. I do not agree with the direction Dance Moms is heading without being under the direction of Abby Lee Miller.”

Allen confirmed this statement by posting a number of tweets alluding to the fact that she was DONE with the show:

After the dramatic weekend of filming that the cast had, Ashlee and Brynn have gotten involved in a huge feud over social media with their former teammates which lead to Ashlee’s decision to leave the drama-filled show. This feud will play out during the second half of the season, from what we’ve heard.

We hope that Ashlee and Brynn will end up returning, but we wish them the best and know they will make the right decision for them.