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Dorit’s Husband Calls Lisa Rinna Schizophrenic And Dangerous

War of Words!

This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has proven to be one of the most intense yet, and last night’s second to last episode kept the drama train chugging along. In the episode, Dorit Kemsley responded to Lisa Rinna‘s accusation about Kemsley and her husband, PK, doing cocaine. In turn, PK also made a comment about Rinna’s behavior, calling her schizophrenic. Read on for details.

Dorit’s Husband Calls Lisa Rinna Schizophrenic

In the explosive episode, Kemsley responds to Rinna’s accusations by saying, “My house is a coke den? I’ve got two little babies, but they live in a coke den? Are you f***ing kidding me girl?”

In true Rinna fashion, she defended her actions, noting that, “You intimated that I’m a drug addict. You did. So I can ask the same f***ing question.”

Later, when talking to PK about it, Kemsley said that Rinna “kind of freaks me out. She’s like one person one day and another person in another moment. You don’t really know who you’re going to get.”

“There’s a term for that,” PK responded. “It’s called schizophrenic. I think she’s dangerous.”

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