Brynn & Ashlee NOT Leaving Dance Moms?!

They’re back?!

Dance Moms has faced a lot of changes recently with star Abby Lee Miller deciding to leave the show due to conflict with production. After Miller announced her departure, Ashlee and Brynn Rumfallo also announced their departure from the hit Lifetime show (read about that here). Now, multiple reports are claiming that Brynn and Ashlee returned to film the next day!

After Ashlee’s co-star Christi Lukasiak posted this tweet, fans started to speculate how real Ashlee’s claims were regarding her exit from the show.

Later on, a photo was released with Abby Lee’s team competing at this past weekend’s competition. Clearly, Brynn and the mini team decided to return for one last dance even after all of the drama.

Does this mean that Brynn and the mini team will still be on the show or are they actually done for good? We’ll have to wait and see once the new season premieres!