Abby Lee Miller Working on a Spinoff Starring her Mini Team!

Mini Madness!

Abby Lee Miller might be done with Dance Moms, but she’s not done with television! Even with all of the legal problems Miller is going through, she continues to move forward every day and expand her dance empire.

According to RadarOnline, Abby is pitching a Dance Moms spinoff featuring her mini team to another network. Mini-Mom Sari Lopez told RadarOnline that Abby always wanted her own show with Minis, but production was completely against it.

The producers of Dance Moms were actually the one’s that sent most of the mini team and their Moms home after the first competition of season 7. So, it’s not surprising that the producers weren’t a fan of Abby’s spinoff idea.

Right now the show is still in pre-production, but we will update you with any news that we hear.