Tonya Banks Little Women LA

EXCLUSIVE: Tonya Banks Talks ‘Crazy’ New Season Of Little Women


We adore Lifetime’s Little Women LA and recently had the chance to talk with star Tonya Banks about the new season of the show. What did she have to tell us? Read on for details.

Exclusive Tonya Banks Talks Crazy New Season of Little Women

“I think they’ll be shocked at how I handle my illness that I have,” Banks shared of what fans may be surprised to see from her.
“There’s going to be constant drama all the time,” she also noted of the season. “A lot has changed.”
Banks also described the season as “crazy” and told us to “just tune in and watch Lil’ Boss go in to effect!”
We are loving the season so far and can’t wait to see what continues to unfold. We’re sure it will be chock full of drama!
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