EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Sana from “Hustle & Soul” Spills ALL the Tea on The Pink Tea Cup Drama!

If you like Vanderpump Rules then you’ll LOVE WEtv’s newest series, Hustle And Soul. The series follows Chef Lawrence Page and his staff at The Pink Tea Cup soul food restaurant in Brooklyn. Drama, jealousy, love triangles and INSANE fights put his business in Jeopardy and get in the way of his dream to get to the top! We caught up with the hostess with the mostest Sana Kibz. She spilled ALL the tea on the drama on & off camera and it’s INSANE. See what she had to tell us below. 


Q: Why did you decide to do reality TV?

“Not many people are given the opportunity to have their face seen nationally, and TV gives you the platform to be able to grow a brand. I have aspirations to someday have my own business, and I feel as though doing a reality TV show allows me to be myself, while working on my dreams in the background.”


Q: How long have you worked at The Pink Tea Cup & who are you closest with?

“I started back in 2014, and it’s been an on & off relationship ever since. I usually go and work for a couple months, and when I can’t take the drama anymore, I take a break. Working there allows us the opportunity to grind and hustle in the NYC area, while still maintaining a part-time job. Since it’s so flexible, we can go and come back as necessary. We (the staff) all model, act, and pursue other careers in NYC. The only person that’s there 100% of the time is Ana and she’s not really going anywhere anytime soon.”

“I would say that me & Candice hit it off. It’s honestly an unexpected relationship because I’m really laid back, mellow, and very observant… whereas Candice is very outspoken, bubbly, and really in your face. I thought I would kick it with Ana more than Candice when I first got there, but once I saw how nasty Ana is, I knew that wasn’t my cup of tea. Candice and I are really close now, and as you can see, I always have her back when those demons gang up on her. No matter what, I will always have an opinion because I can’t keep quiet when someone is being messy or ignorant.”


Q: What is your opinion on the Candice and Lawrence situation?

“As you see on the show, I do give her my two cents about the situation. During the last episode, I wanted to know what he does that makes her so fond of him. For me, I just see a hardworking chef/business man that runs the restaurant. I feel as though in her eyes, she saw him as Hercules. These ladies at the Pink Tea Cup are so captivated by him, and seem to put him on a Heroic pedestal. I can see why one could get lost in his sauce, but that’s just not MY thing. It also doesn’t take a genius to see that something might have possibly went down between them in the past, but when I asked Candice she told me they haven’t done anything.”


Q: What was your reaction to the INSANE fight between Candice & Thandi?

“With that situation, I was SHOCKED and appalled! I’ve seen what happens on reality TV shows, and although we may argue in the restaurant, it NEVER got to physical violence. Once the cameras started rolling, Thandi just became this “Lion in heat” jumping all over the place and pouncing on people. I was so disgusted by that Candice fight that I actually walked away from the job, because that is NOT what I stand for. Fighting women? How old are we?! After things cooled down, management told me that nothing like that would ever happen again so I came back. However, as you can see from the previews it clearly happens again and I HAD to defend myself. No one should be putting their hands on another person PERIOD, but the situation was handled.”

“Thandi was definitely in the wrong when she put her hands on Candice! I feel like Lawrence should have handled that situation differently because Candice wanted to talk about it outside, but he chose to keep it inside. I don’t know if it would have gone down differently, but I have a guess that it would have. The way Thandi attacked Candice seemed like she was holding that in since she was born! Candice and Thandi have gotten into it A LOT over the years, but Thandi has never been that aggressive. It just seemed like it came out of left field and I’m still shocked by it.”


Q: What is your response/reaction to Ana’s very dark & mean posts on social media, specifically one claiming that you’re irrelevant and boring?

“As you can see, she is a dark person and America is shining light on that. When she’s tweeting these things, it’s because she’s hurt that America is not standing behind her. All she can do is come for the cast members that are getting praised. She uses her little limelight to come at me and Candice! Can she exist without mentioning our names? Also, if I am so boring and irrelevant then why is she always in my face? She even had the audacity to ask me at the premiere party last week if I could “unblock her because she sees my page anyway.” Stalker much?! If I am so irrelevant to you, why do you watch my page? Why did your man ask me to take a pic with you? I don’t come for people, but if you take my kindness for weakness I will read you and your fake life to filth! I don’t care for her or for her tweets because I do not go to her page to check. That’s what truly unbothered people do. Learn a lesson or 2 chin. You scream hoodrat to others, but look at how you’re displaying yourself for the world to see. That’s not a good look. Be a role model, be a true business women, be a bright light in a dim room. Worry about being a better person to those around you instead of attacking women with your asinine words and pitiful remarks.  She better think about that before she speaks. So yea, she can continue with her silly baseless tweets since that’s the only thing keeping her entertained in her dark life.”

We absolutely adore Sana and really appreciate her taking the time to chat with us! Catch Hustle And Soul on WEtv Thursday’s at 10/9c.

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