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Lisa Vanderpump- Lisa Rinna Made Brutal, Inaccurate Statements

Brutal and Inaccurate!

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw the finale party at Lisa Vanderpump‘s get quite heated, when multiple arguments broke out. Vanderpump took to her Bravo blog to express her thoughts on the night- and she had some interesting things to say!

Lisa Vanderpump- Lisa Rinna Made Brutal, Inaccurate Statements

“Tonight finally boiled over,” Vanderpump said.

“I knew there were unresolved issues,” she continued. “Hong Kong had ignited a flurry of feelings. Unjust accusations had been hurled without thought of the ramifications. LR (Lisa Rinna) made some unnecessary, brutal, inaccurate statements.”

“Or maybe that is naive,” she added. “Maybe it had been systematically planned out as a retaliatory move after the whole fiasco of XanaxGate, designed to hurt with the intent to sully someone’s reputation.”

Vanderpump then went on to talk about the arguments that transpired that evening.

Tell us- do you agree with her about Rinna? Or are you on Rinna’s side? Let us know in the comments below.

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