Monique Shares What She REALLY Thinks of the Potomac Ladies!

New Housewife Speaks Out!

Monique Samuels made her debut on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac and took the world by storm! The moment stepped foot in the same room with the Potomac ladies the drama began! Monique is a spitfire and will always speak her mind especially about her opinions on the other ladies. What does Monique really think of her fellow Housewives? Read on to find out!

Monique spoke with and gave her first impressions of all the ladies:

Charrisse Jackson Jordan:  “Of course I love me some Charrisse Jackson Jordan! She’s so much fun and we have a lot in common. Charrisse is loyal and loves hard so you better not ever cross her!”

Robyn Dixon: “Robyn was cool. A little guarded, but definitely a cool chick. My first thought after hearing of her and Juan’s living arrangement was ‘Wow this is a strong woman!’ I love being surrounded by strong women so I definitely want to get to know her better.”

Karen Huger: “Karen Huger was very welcoming. She’s very quick on her toes when it comes to sensing shade!”

Ashley Darby: “Ashley is definitely a little wild child but I love it. She’s like the fountain of youth for the group!”

Gizelle Bryant: Gizelle just seemed like a typical hater. She needs more to do with her time so she doesn’t have to spend so much of it grilling the newbie.”

There you have it! Monique gave her REAL and unfiltered opinion and we LOVE it!