Omarosa Set To Join RHOA for Season 10?! Andy Responds!


Omarosa became a household name after starring on The Apprentice with Donald Trump. During her time on the show, she became known as one of the most notorious villains of reality TV… which can be a good or bad title to hold depending on your view.

Rumors started circulating recently that the newly married reality star would be joining The Real Housewives of Atlanta for their highly anticipated tenth season. Fans were not happy with the idea of Omarosa joining the Atlanta ladies especially since she works for President Donald Trump. Omarosa actually responded to the rumors with one simple tweet:

Even though Omarosa shut down the rumors, fans were still bombarding executive producer Andy Cohen with tweets asking if he would even want her on the hit series. He responded with a few different tweets and didn’t hold ANYTHING back!

Well, his response says it all! Omarosa will not be joining the Housewives anytime soon!

Tell us- what do YOU think of the rumors? Would you want Omarosa to join RHOA?