Sarah Lassez Paris In Tears

Sarah Lassez Releasing Beautiful New EP Paris In Tears

Beautiful EP!

We love getting the chance to hear new music and were very excited to have the opportunity to check out Sarah Lassez‘s new EP, Paris In Tears, before it gets officially released on May 12th. Lassez is billed as a “gypsy jazz singer songwriter,” and I was immediately intrigued both by the description of her and by the title of her EP. So how does it hold up?

Sarah Lassez Releasing Beautiful New EP Paris In Tears

I am thrilled to share that the EP is gorgeous from start to finish, and is definitely worth checking out.

The 5-song set opens with the gorgeous title track, and it’s a hauntingly beautiful piano number perfectly matched with Lassez’s stunning voice. “Music soothes the soul she tells us, wish I could have made her whole,” she sadly laments. “Paris in tears, I walk the avenues of Paris in tears.” The number is a melancholy opener, but it is perfect.

“Mermaid Serenade,” which follows, has more of a jazz/folky feel than its predecessor, but it’s equally worth checking out. It was definitely more lighthearted than the opener, but I felt like this was a nice change of pace due to the seriously sad nature of the opener.

“Ziegfield Girl,” which appears later on the EP, keeps in line with the jazz style and almost seems like a song that would have originated in the jazz era, rather than a new composition. In this way, it shows the power of an artist like Lassez, who is able to transcend genres and decades flawlessly.


Overall, Lassez’s EP, Paris In Tears, is a must if you’re a fan of music. While jazz is not my first choice genre-wise, I still found much to enjoy on this beautiful EP and highly recommend picking it up when it is released next month.

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