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Ramona Singer- Bethenny Needs To Watch Herself (Maybe)

Watch Out!

Last night was a very intense episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, especially during the dinner scene when  realmrhousewife.com/?s=ramona+singer">Ramona Singer brought up some pictures of Bethenny Frankel. Singer took to her Bravo blog to discuss the night and had some interesting things to say.

Ramona Singer- Bethenny Needs To Watch Herself (Maybe)

“As we sat there chatting, yes I did come out and ask her directly if anyone had said anything to Bryn about Bethenny’s pictures,” Singer shared.

“Although B, of course, has a quick tongue and is fast thinking, she needs to attack,” Singer continued. “My question might have been better if I worded it better, but WTF! I mean, like really, is she that defensive that she needed to say, ‘Yes, Diane Sawyer came to the playground’? She knew damn well that is not what I meant.”

“She also knows what I went through while Avery was younger and I was on the show,” Singer added. “People do talk! The adults talk to each other and the kids hear and repeat! So I was just asking! It’s not that unusal for a 10-year-old to walk over to a 6-year-old and say, ‘My mother said your mother is a…! But B needs to add the drama and talk about me being a drama queen. Maybe she needs to watch herself.”

Whether you’re #TeamBethenny or #TeamRamona on this, one thing is for certain: we are in for an INTENSE season.

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