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Lisa Rinna- Kim Richards Uses Me As Her Mealticket

Explosive Claim!

Last night, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills officially came to a close with the third part of their reunion airing. The drama from the end of the second part- namely, where Kim Richards gave Lisa Rinna back the stuffed animal Rinna had given to Richards for her grandchild, causing Rinna to storm off the stage- picked right back up, and Richards ended up making a rather explosive claim. Read on for details.

Lisa Rinna Kim Richards Uses Me As Her Mealticket

After getting into it- and both explaining how they feel each other is “sick”- Rinna said, “You know what Kim,  you just want to be on a show and I’m your meal ticket.”

“I’m it, baby,” she added. “I’m sorry. I’m your meal ticket.”

This was definitely an explosive claim- which both Richards and her sister, Kyle, ended up defending- especially since Kim was an original cast member of the show. Also- and, to be clear, we’re not taking sides- Rinna seemed to be the one talking about Richards’s sobriety (from the footage we saw), not the other way around.

Tell us- are you #TeamKim or #TeamLisa here? Sound off in the comments below.

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