EXCLUSIVE: Nico Cobb- I Do NOT Have a Little Person Fetish!

Clearing Things Up!

Nico Cobb came on Little Women: Atlanta this season after moving to Atlanta to be with his long-time friend and baby Mama Tanya Scott. The ladies of Atlanta were immediately skeptical of Nico and Tanya’s relationship and got way too involved from the very beginning. As the season has progressed, accusations have been thrown around by Scott claiming that Cobb was never involved in their son’s life among other insane allegations. Besides the accusations made on the show, social media has been BUZZING about Nico claiming that he’s gay, has a little person fetish, using Tanya for fame, etc. We caught up with Nico to finally get his side of the story. Keep reading to find out what Nico had to say!

Back in February, this photo was posted on @fameolousceo Instagram page:

Regarding the accusation that he was only using his son’s Mother for money and fame… Nico told us, “I did NOT just get her pregnant to be on the show. We’ve been friends for YEARS but in the process of our son being born… things got complicated. Through all of the struggles… we ended up having a distant relationship after Luna was born because we found out that Von was the Father of Luna and not me. After she and Von broke up early last year, we ended up rekindling our friendship BEFORE she even got an offer from the show. Once she finally got on the show, I believe that because of her narrative early on was about me (her 6’4 baby daddy) they wanted me to be involved in some way and that’s how I got on the show.” 

Nico told us that he had heard of the Little Women franchise prior to his appearance on the hit Lifetime show, but had not watched an episode before and was definitely not planning on being a part of the show in any way.

The blogger above went completely below the belt and claimed that Nico only wanted Tanya because he has a little person fetish and likes being dominant in the bedroom. “I think anyone that has made those accusations probably has their own little person fetish and they probably wish they could be with Tanya”, Nico told us regarding those insane allegations. “Tanya was not someone that I was just having sex with for my own fetish or my own needs. We were friends for a very long time before even considering entering an emotional or sexual interaction. To reiterate, I do NOT have a little person fetish in any way, shape, or form. Hell no!

Stay tuned for the rest of our interview with Nico where we discuss his sexuality and what Nico’s relationship is really like with Tanya and the kids.