Former ‘Dance Moms’ Stars Show Up at Abby’s Sentencing to Go AGAINST Her?!

Sentencing Day!

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller is currently in court awaiting her sentencing for bankruptcy fraud. Miller has had multiple hearing dates since January and they have all been rescheduled, but today IS the day Abby will find out her fate.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, “Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Melucci wants Miller to go to prison for trying to avoid repaying hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt by hiding about $775,000 in income from a bankruptcy judge.”

A Pittsburgh journalist has been on the scene all day and posted a very interesting photo on social media.

Lynne Hayes-Freeland tweeted a photo of former Dance Moms stars Kelly Hyland and Christi Lukasiak at court this morning for Abby’s sentencing. This is very surprising since Lukasiak and Hyland have NEVER been big fans of Miller. Hyland has known Abby for many years and even grew up dancing with Abby at her Mother’s studio, so the two have a lot of history together.

Hyland had her own legal battle with Abby regarding their physical altercation on the show in season four. After their altercation and years of emotional abuse on the show, Hyland and her two children left the show. Lukasiak quickly followed suit but made a huge comeback to the show in season seven.

Sources are claiming that they might possibly be there to testify against Miller, but that has not been confirmed yet.

We will keep you updated with any breaking news regarding Miller’s sentencing, so stay tuned.

Tell us- why do YOU think Christi & Kelly showed up to Abby’s sentencing?