Amidst Firing Reports, Phaedra Wants To Return To RHOA, Bravo Says…

Amidst Firing Reports, Phaedra Wants To Return To RHOA, Bravo Says…

Phaedra Parks RHOA

What’s Going On?!

Yesterday, we reported that Phaedra Parks was reportedly leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta after the reunion debacle (read about that here). Now, according to a new interview with People, Parks is making it clear she’d like to return if offered the chance, and Bravo has also responded with a comment. Read on for details to see what’s going on.

Phaedra Parks RHOA Return Not Final Yet

“I would love to continue,” Parks claimed of a return to RHOA. “Obviously the show documents your journey, and every journey has its ups and downs.”

She also stated that, “It’s not always accurate, of course. But for the moments that they capture something that’s real — like being a mom, helping someone out, having a very sensitive moment on television that turns into something beautiful — that’s the legacy that counts when it comes to reality TV. The moments that change people’s lives.”

So what did Bravo have to say?

According to People, Bravo “confirmed” to them that “no casting decisions have been made.”

We’re not sure what to make of this, but with a majority of reports online claiming Parks was fired, it seems likely that’s the direction things will go in. Also, Bravo never comments on casting decisions typically.

With that being said, though, anything can happen, so… Who knows.

Tell us- do YOU think Phaedra will return? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Phaedra should definitely return to RHOA! All including Kandi have done things just as bad. These women open themselves up to those that watch and we need to remember that we all make stupid mistakes. Phaedra should have a chance to come back and make things right with all of the women! Come back Phaedra and prove that you do realize your actions were disgusting and that you truly have grown from and are sorry for your actions!

  2. Many housewives lie, spread rumors, talk behind backs….but rape?? I get it-But cool…but it’s not the first time one of them made up a rumour that was off the wall. Let her stay!