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EXCLUSIVE: Cathy Comments on Abby’s Sentencing!

Speaking Out!

Abby Lee Miller finally found out her fate yesterday and was sentenced to one year in prison (read about that here). Fans and even Miller’s fellow cast members were shocked to find out the news and it will definitely change things forever. After the sentencing, we caught up with Miller’s rival and former cast member Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. The two have made below the belt comments about one another and have even gotten close to getting into a physical altercation throughout their time on the hit Lifetime show. Even though they’re enemies, was Cathy happy with Abby’s fate? Read on to find out!

Cathy Responds to Abby’s Fate

When asked her reaction to Abby’s sentencing Cathy told us, “I’m shocked. My gut was she would walk. She really ruined a very nice thing. I’m not throwing a party… she’s to be pitied. I feel sorry for her even though she has said many unnecessary hurtful comments about my family, I’m a good person to say I’m sad for her stupidity. She wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.”

Cathy ended by saying, “Abby has burned a good many bridges I’m sure there are a lot of people doing the Happy Dance.”

We appreciate Cathy for being so open with us about her thoughts. Stay tuned for more commentary from Abby’s former cast members and students.

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