Mama Joyce Claims Phaedra is a Massive Manipulator!

Mama Speaks Out!

Mama Joyce has never been one to hold back her feelings and this situation is no exception. Joyce has been a part of the drama for multiple seasons now, but this season she really got involved between former friends Phaedra and Kandi. Now after the reunion has aired and the truth has come out, Joyce is speaking out against the Atlanta Attorney.

Mama Joyce spoke with yesterday and didn’t hold anything back. “She’s a liar! This is what I’ve always said. She was a liar. She should be sharing a cell with her husband“, Joyce told Radar.

Phaedra is a massive manipulator“, she continued.  “She knows exactly what she’s doing and she knows who to do it to.”

Joyce ended the interview by sticking up for her Kandi and her character by addressing the drug allegations. “Kandi doesn’t even toast with champagne! She never has. Not only that she would never do that, she would never drug someone.”

We are not shocked by Joyce’s comments because she has spoken very publicly about her thoughts on Phaedra before.

Tell us- what do you think of Mama Joyce’s comments? Do you think she should be involved?