EXCLUSIVE: Larry Sims Talks New Bravo Series “Invite Only Cabo”

HOT New Series!

Inviting six of your friends on a dream vacation to Cabo sounds amazing unless your friends have never met one another. That could get a bit crazy and I can’t wait to watch all of that drama go down when Bravo’s newest addictive series Invite Only Cabo premieres on Sunday. We caught up with star Larry Sims to get the real scoop on the hot new show!

Inviting six of your best friends that don’t know each other on a vacation can get a bit crazy, but Larry was totally up for it. “I decided to bring all of these friends on the trip because I knew that I had relationships with all of these people individually and I wanted the end goal to be that they not only have me in common, but they have things in common with each other as well”, Sims told us.

Even though everyone that went on the trip has their own ties to Larry and believe they’re Larry’s BFF, Larry let us know that it’s hard to choose just one person in the group that he’s closest to. “I’m close to different people for different reasons and I go to each one of them for different fulfillments in my life”, Larry told us. “As far as who I’ve known the longest, Jermane and I have been friends for over 20 years and I talk to him about any and EVERYTHING. He definitely has been my longest friend out of the group.”

We can tell you that this show has a lot of drama, lots of craziness, and a lot of hilarious moments. We really enjoyed chatting with Larry and we can’t wait for the premiere!

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And be sure to watch the premiere of Invite Only Cabo this Sunday (May 14th) at 9/8c only on Bravo.