EXCLUSIVE: Larry Sims Talks Relationship with Bianca

Setting The Record Straight!

Last night’s premiere of Bravo’s newest series, Invite Only Cabo was packed with so much drama that we were glued to the TV! There is so much to unpack from last night’s insane episode, but one thing that really caught viewer’s attention was the flirtatious relationship with Larry Sims and Bianca Banks. The two were so close that it seemed they were in a relationship which shocked the rest of Larry’s friends. We caught up with Larry to get the real scoop on his relationship with Bianca and his response really shocked us! What did he have to say? Read on to find out!

Regarding his relationship with Bianca, Larry told us, “Me & Bianca have a very peculiar relationship. It’s very hard to explain to outsiders looking in. We have known each other for years at this point and there has definitely been chemistry between her and I. We genuinely just have a great time together and we really enjoy each other’s company. There is definitely some attraction and flirtation with each other. I’m very protective of her and she’s very protective of me and we’ve always been there for each other when things haven’t gone as planned with the people we were dating. We’ve never been romantic with each other and I know there probably have been situations where we could have gone there, but we have not because we know that complicates friendships and I’d rather her be my friend rather than a lover gone south. We do love each other and respect each other, but we’re more friends than anything. We treat each other like husband and wife without actually going there.”

This “relationship” really shocked Larry’s friends and that shock seems like it will play into a lot of the drama throughout the rest of the season. Did Larry really keep Bianca a secret on purpose? Larry told us, “I really haven’t kept it from my other friends. They’ve kind of heard my talk about Bianca, but I think being in Cabo and all being under the same roof… they haven’t seen or been around us together in that capacity, so it wasn’t something that I hid from them on purpose.”

We appreciate Larry for being so open about this and we can’t wait to see how this plays out the rest of the season.

Tell us- what do YOU think about Larry and Bianca’s relationship? Do you think there is something more going on between the two?