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Caroline Manzo and Chris Laurita Want Justice for Dina After Home Invasion!


Dina Manzo and her boyfriend David Cantin have had a really crazy weekend after their encountered intruders in their New Jersey townhome this past weekend. One of the intruders hit Cantin with a baseball bat and the other punched Manzo multiple times. The couple was then tied up as the robbers continued to steal jewelry and cash before fleeing the scene.  The couple was finally able to get free and call the police. After this incident, the couple is obviously very shaken up but also have significant facial injuries.

After the news broke, Dina’s sister and former RHONJ co-star Caroline Manzo spoke with E! News earlier today to share her thoughts on the matter. “I hope the police get to the bottom of this and whoever is responsible for this gets what’s coming to them“, Caroline told E!

Even though Caroline didn’t seem to have a lot to say, Dina’s other brother Chris Laurita gave E! an update on Dina. “She is obviously shaken by the whole thing. She’s back in California now and seems to be OK“, Laurita told E! “It’s unfortunate what happened. Hopefully, they’ll get to the bottom of it.”

Neither Caroline or Chris have had a relationship with their sister Dina for many years due to many unknown reasons, but this tragic and scary incident has seemed to have brought the family somewhat together.

Our hearts go out to Dina, David, and their families/loved ones during this very scary and difficult time. We will keep you updated on any news we hear regarding this story.