Cheryl Burke Claims Abby Lee Miller Traumatized the “Dance Moms” Girls!

Speaking Out!

As Dance Moms fans know, former Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke took over the show after Abby Lee Miller quit the Lifetime reality series. The cast, producers, and fans all reacted very positively to Cheryl joining the cast and it seems that Cheryl enjoyed doing the show as well. Cheryl spoke with E! News at

Cheryl spoke with E! News to give her take on her new role as TV Dance Couch. “I’m coaching these girls. I come from the original dance mom, so I kind of know how to handle these moms. But it is a lot. I just want the girls to have a positive experience coming out of this show“, Cheryl explained.

Cheryl then went on to throw some shade towards their former dance coach Abby Lee Miller and her teaching styles. “A lot of the girls I feel have been traumatized by the past and I just want them to know it’s all about positive reinforcement, but I am still strict“, Cheryl stated. “I’m not going to let anything swing by, but it’s been a roller coaster ride in such a short amount of time, to be honest. Once Abby left we only did a few weeks and there’s so much more I want to bring out from them.”

We can’t wait for the rest of season 7 to air and we hope that we will be seeing more of Cheryl on our televisions in different capacities.

Tell us- what do you think about what Cheryl had to say?