EXCLUSIVE: Nico Cobb Finally Speaks Out About His Relationship with Tanya & His Son!

Telling His Side!

As Little Women Atlanta fans know, Nico Cobb has been a hot topic of conversation this season especially by his child’s Mother Tanya Scott. In our last discussion with Nico, he cleared up the rumors that he had a little person fetish and that he was only with Tanya for fame (read about that here). Now, Nico is addressing the “deadbeat” dad allegations. What did Nico have to say? Read on to find out!

Since Nico came on the show, the ladies on the show have painted the picture that he’s a deadbeat Father that was never there for his son Jaden. We even saw Nico move to Atlanta with Tanya early on in the season, but soon after Tanya claimed that Nico had decided to leave because he couldn’t handle being a Father. From threats and very hurtful comments from fans, this situation has really affected Nico’s life in a very negative way. “It’s incredibly painful and tricky. No man wants to be told they’re a deadbeat or that they’re not there for their kids when it’s completely untrue”, Nico told us. “Von has actually been there for Jaidan, that’s not a lie. He’s been there for him financially and physically because realistically when the two people that have a child together aren’t in the same state and aren’t in a relationship, then realistically whoever you’re in a relationship with would be around the family. The other thing is that when Jaden was born, he was passed off as Von’s child. We didn’t find out that Jaidan was mine until he was three months old and even after that there were a lot of hurt feelings and complications we had to work out.”

“The only reason that I’m upset with what Tanya has said is because she twists the truth slightly and makes it seem like what she said is true, but it’s not”, Nico continued. “I WAS there for my son, hence all of the pictures I have posted on social media. I wasn’t there as much as she wanted me to be there for HER in terms of a relationship which really upset her. It’s not that I don’t love her, but I can’t trust her so therefore I can’t be in a relationship with her. I believe her emotions from that trickles into the fact that she makes it seem like I just wasn’t there. Even in the midst of our complicated situation with Jaidan, I have always been there for her as a best friend and as a Father to my kid.”

As far as his future with Tanya, Nico is not quite sure. “To be completely honest, I would want to… but because of where we are now I don’t see it happening. It doesn’t seem like she’s comfortable even speaking to me after everything that’s happened. I feel like it’s going to take us a lot of time before we can even get to a place where we are even cordial. I’m even open to a relationship with her in the distant future, but I’m not confident that she’s open to it at this point.”
We appreciate Nico for being so open and honest with us and we will have more from Nico next week.