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Is Stassi Back With Her Ex?

Back Together?

Stassi Schroeder has gone through a lot with her ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher over the past years and even though fans never saw him on the show, everyone heard all about their relationship problems once Stassi returned. We saw Stassi navigate the dating world a lot last season, but are her days of desperately dating over? Well, according to the reality stars Instagram she might be off the market!

Schroeder recently posted this photo on Instagram:

The photo is of Stassi and Patrick together again smiling from ear to ear with the caption “Back again” with three blue hearts. Does this completely confirm that the couple’s back together? Not necessarily, but it seems as though that’s the case.

Stassi is currently filming for Vanderpump Rules, so hopefully, we’ll get the real answer and finally see her relationship play out on the show next season.

We will keep you updated with any news regarding their relationship.

Tell us- are you surprised that Stassi and Patrick MIGHT be back together?