Thomas Ravenel Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn Claims Thomas Dated Their Nanny’s Daughter!

Dating The Nanny?!

As Southern Charm fans know, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis have been in a major custody battle for a while and the two have really been going way below the belt with attacks against each other recently. According to court documents obtained by

According to court documents obtained by, Dennis accused Ravenel of dating the teen daughter of their nanny. Dennis apparently went a step further and claimed that he even encouraged the teen to drink even though she’s underage! And it also stated that he did this in front of their young children!

This is obviously all hearsay at this point and no one has confirmed this relationship, but those claims are pretty insane!

The unfortunate thing is that the couple’s children Kensington (3) and St. Julien (1) are the one’s suffering throughout this huge custody battle and we really hope that the couple can come to some sort of agreement and understanding.

Tell us- what do you think about Kathryn’s claims?