Abby Lee Miller Claims She’s NOT Slowing Down in Prison!

Keep On Going!

Abby Lee Miller might be headed to prison, but her career is not slowing down one bit! Miller revealed her plans for prison and once she gets out of prison what she would like to focus on. What did she have to say? Read on to find out!

Miller told US Weekly that she has a few different television projects she’s created in the works and it seems like it will take her career to an entirely different level! “I hope to come out and have a new TV show, a scripted show that I’ve created”, Miller stated.  “And it’s kind of, you know, a teenage show where Dance Moms leaves off, what should happen next because I know what should happen next.”

She also claimed that she’s in the process of writing a tell-all memoir and working on a Broadway musical based on Dance Moms. Even though the Broadway musical sounds like an amazing opportunity to expand the show’s brand, Lifetime is not exactly sure the best way to go about it. “…they wanna do it, but they don’t know how to do it,” Abby claimed. “…instead of turning it over to somebody that knows what they’re doing, they’ll just screw it up like they do everything.”

Abby wrapped the interview by claiming that she got screwed over in her contract with the network and she is not really able to do anything on camera for a while, but apparently that hasn’t stopped her!

We are glad to see Abby continuing to work and we hope that she’s able to continue following her dreams after prison.