EXCLUSIVE: Sam from “Little Women: Atlanta” Talks CRAZY & Dramatic Season!

New Girl!

Samantha Ortiz joined the cast of Little Women: Atlanta at the beginning of the season and has really left a lasting impression after all of the craziness this season. Sam and her best friend Tanya joined the fierce group of little ladies and really shook things up! From standing up to Minnie to arguing with Tanya’s ex, Sam always brought the heat! We caught up with Sam to get her take on the insane season. What did she say have to say? Read on to find out!

Sam had enough with the Atlanta crew and actually left mid-season to go back home to New Jersey. Fans were a little confused as to why Sam decided to leave, but she gave us the scoop! “I actually decided to leave Atlanta at the time because I thought it was the best decision for me“, Sam exclusively told us. “I didn’t get along with Nico very well and I feel as though emotions played a big role in my decision moving back home to Jersey.” 

Sam did end up returning and really grew her relationships with all of the girls once she returned. Whether it’s on or off the show, Sam and the girls have formed TRUE long-lasting friendships. “I’m honestly close to all of the girls, each in a different way. I love all the girls, no matter how much we get on each other’s nerves”, Sam told us.

Throughout all of the crazy moments this season, Sam doesn’t regret it one bit. “Personally, I don’t regret anything that I have done or that has happened in my life because I look at it as a life lesson. Good or bad, I learn from my mistakes and it helps me grow as a person at the end of the day.” 

We really love Sam and hope to see her again next season!