Simon Saran Debra Danielsen

Simon Saran and Debra Danielsen Feud On Twitter

Twitter Feud!

While the Teen Mom casts are no stranger to Twitter drama, tonight an interesting feud took place between Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham‘s mother, Debra Danielsen. What’s going on? Read on for details.

Simon Saran Debra Danielsen Twitter Feud

Things all began when Saran tweeted out to Danielsen “I’m a gold digger?” 

While it was not clear at first what he meant, he then clarified in his next tweet by posting a screenshot of an article where Danielsen called him a gold digger. To this screenshot he added to Danielsen, “When’s the last time you ever pulled out cash or a credit card around me? You dumb miserable hooker! #TeenMomOG.”

Saran added other tweets including:

  • “I can see why Farrah has nothing positive to say about you. You are the root of her problems. #TeenMomOG.”
  • “You and that Colonel Sanders of yours weren’t complaining when I picked up your Valentine’s Day tab now did you? Clowns!”
  • Of that check, Saran added, “Picked it up because it’s embarrassing that two 90 year olds have to stare at each other when the bill comes out.”

When Danielsen responded about the check, saying, “I never asked you to. Haha! Want me to send you a check?” Saran responded that, “No it might bounce. Donate it to your Santa. He needs it.” 

He also said Danielsen is “far from classy” and “straight up trash.” 

Additionally, Saran noted that Danielsen “wants to be Farrah so bad that she’s jealous of her in every way.”

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