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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Abraham Slams Debra Danielsen’s Lack Of Responsibility

“She Does Not Get It”

Tonight, Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition continues, and some explosive clips regarding Debra DanielsenFarrah Abraham‘s Mother who left the boot camp to get engaged and returns tonight, have surfaced. We talked exclusively with Farrah’s Dad, Michael, about a specific clip we’ve featured below.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Abraham Slams Debra Danielsen’s Lack Of Responsibility

When we asked Michael to respond to the above teaser, he told us that,”It is very troubling to see that Debra “does not get it” she continues to not take responsibility for her actions and to blame others even at the cost of losing her relationship with her daughter (Farrah).”

So why does he think she does this?

“I don’t know,” he shared. “(It) could be in her genes but Dr. Ish did not let her get way with it as the clip shows. We even did a ‘blame game drill’ but Debra did not learn from it – heck maybe she was gone (when she left to get engaged) when we did that drill …. very sad.”

We also asked Michael how him and Farrah are now that boot camp is over.

“You are going to have to watch the last few episodes to find that out because I can’t disclose that information,” he shared, “but I can say that Farrah and I are much healthier now as individuals.”

Finally, we asked him if Debra benefited from doing the show.

“That depends on a person’s opinion,” he dished. “I honestly can’t say I know. If a person is watching the current MTV Teen Mom OG season one could say no because no improvement can be seen between Farrah and Debra. But there are a few episodes left of this seasons WETV Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars – Family Edition show and ANYTHING COULD STILL HAPPEN!”

We appreciate Michael sharing his thoughts with us and look forward to tuning in tonight!

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