Kenya Moore Married

BREAKING: Kenya Moore Married!?

Secret Wedding?!

Kenya Moore has had her fair share of relationship problems throughout the years and a lot of them have documented on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Even through all of these problems in her love life, Moore has stayed persistent in looking for love and it seems that her time may have finally come!

BREAKING: Kenya Moore Married!?

According to, Moore married her boyfriend this past weekend in Saint Lucia- and yes, Tamara provided pictures!

While this might seem very hard to believe, Moore has posted photos from a very tropical location recently which aligns with the setting described in that story.

There aren’t a lot of details regarding the secret wedding, but the site did report that Kenya Moore’s best friend Brandon Deshazer was there as well, but other than that it looks like the ceremony was very small and private.

While Moore has yet to confirm if this is true or not, if it is, we are thrilled for her! She has gone through a lot especially in her love life, and we’re glad that she finally found the one.

We will keep you updated with any news we hear regarding this story.

Tell us- what do YOU think about Kenya’s secret wedding? 

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