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Amber Portwood Explains “Punch” Photo After Fans Question Her

Explanation Issued

Last night, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood took to Instagram to share a photo of a cut on her finger. She captioned the photo, “Battle wounds? #don‘tslidedownafteryoupunch.” Fans immediately began questioning what this meant/what had happened, with some thinking it meant she got in a fight with Matt Baier. Portwood took to her comments on Instagram- and did an Instagram live video- to discuss what she meant by this. Read on for details.

Amber Portwood Explains Punch Photo After Fans Question Her

Here is the photo Portwood had posted:


In her Instagram Live video, Portwood explained that she’s been doing MMA Kickboxing and that it is what has been helping her to lose weight over the past few months.

She also discussed in Instagram live how it’s ridiculous for people to think what she posted meant she hit someone/got in a fight, as it would make no sense for her to post something like that.

In the comments on Instagram, Portwood also noted that, “I’ve done MMA for years? I had a session today? Why are people so hateful and weird?? Send love not hate?.”

After Portwood’s response, the questioning about the picture can definitely be put to an end.

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