EXCLUSIVE: Heather Marianna Weighs In on the Farrah Pregnancy Rumors!

BFF Weighs In!

There have been a lot of rumors going around that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was pregnant after her boyfriend Simon Saran posted this video on social media:

The rumors were further validated when Simon spoke with RadarOnline.com stating that Farrah was, “26 and pregnant.” Even though he was joking (and admitted that later on) some fans believed the rumor and it has been taking the internet by storm ever since.

We decided to catch up with Heather Marianna who’s Farrah’s best friend and is also featured in the video Simon posted to see if the rumors had any truth to them.

Heather exclusively told us that, “She definitely ISN’T pregnant! I mean, have you seen her body? It’s ridiculous right now!

Heather wrapped by saying that, “She is really happy right now. She’s working on some new projects and she’s buying a home in Bel Air.”

We’re glad to hear that Farrah is doing well right now and we’re happy that Heather helped to clear up the rumors.