Kleaning Like A Kardashian

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Everybody knows the Kardashians. Before their famous show, Kim and Bruce Jenner, I mean Caitlyn, were already well- known in their own fields. Then, with the success of their show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, each one of them found their own claim to fame.
But no matter what they’ve done, from managing their own kin to launching their own brand of makeup, there’s no denying that the Kardashians are a fabulous bunch. They’ve always been so extra about how fabulous they are that there are many jokes surrounding them about it i.e. Kim crying at Maldives ‘cause she lost her diamond earrings swimming.
Every single Kardashian and Jenner always looks put together and chill. And despite all the complaints and intrigue about them, you can’t deny just how hard they work towards their success. Oh, and even though they always look super fabulous, they also clean up pretty well.

Find out how to keep your home, especially your closet, clean and organized ala Kourtney Kardashian; and a few cleaning preferences and tips from Khloe and Kim.

Keeping Your Kloset Klean (last one, swear)

1. Ikea Bags
Kourtney donates a lot of clothes and shoes constantly in order to keep your closet clean and organized. In order to do that with ease, she stores them in giant reusable Ikea bags. She says these huge bags are super durable, making it a great tool to use when you’re planning on giving away a ton of expensive and gorgeous clothes. “I am big on sustainability, so we often reuse shopping bags, as well.”

2. Razor Hangers
Keep your closet looking clean and organized by purchasing the same velvet hangers in the same color. Kourtney uses black velvet for all the hangers in her closet, and beige velvet ones for her adorable kids.

3. Drawer Dividers
It made me giddy to find out that she’s just as obsessed about organizing her things in her drawers like me. Kourtney makes use of the services of a company called Top Drawer. They went over, assessed her closet, and suggested different types of drawers depending on the things inside her closet. “She counted my sunglasses and made sunglasses drawers, jewelry sections. She even made dividers for bras and undies.” Nothing makes me as happy as seeing a clean and neatly organized set of drawers. Kourtney feels the same, so should you.

4. Categories
Keep similar types of clothing and shoes together in your closet. Keep your flats together, as with your sneakers, and then your flip- flops. Then, group together your heels, and your boots: booties, high boots, thigh high boots. Have a place for everything, “even if it’s slightly messy”

Tidying Around The House

1. Call a friend.
Surprisingly, Kourtney doesn’t keep a schedule to clear out her closet i.e. in the spring or at the start of the year. She does it when she feels like it, like us! Woot woot! Kourtney suggests that you call a friend to help you get a better perspective of which items you should get rid of and which ones to keep.

2. Keep your counters clean.
Remember the drawer dividers in her closet? She also has them in her kitchen counters, vanity, and kids’ rooms. She makes sure that there’s a place for everything so that stuff doesn’t cutter counter tops, and stuff that seem to be put on display. She even keeps all the appliances together in one cabinet; no toasters nor blenders out on display!

3. Strategic storing.
Think about the things around your kitchen, the things you do, and the things that you’ll need as you’re doing certain things. Keep the things you need for your regular activities together.

Khloe’s Frequent Cleaning Preferences
When everybody else on the internet says that washing your sheets once a week is normal, Khloe washes hers every two days. If she’s gotten a spray tan, then they definitely go in the wash. She gave these tips on her app where she wrote “Obviously, if I’m not in town or not sleeping in my bed I’ll wait a little.” Aside from her sheets, she also cleans her stove at least once a week.
As for Kim, well, she’s done her share of closet cleaning in the past. Now, she’s giving tips on how she keeps her engagement ring clean.
Kim regularly sends her stone off to get professionally cleaned. And when she’s getting glammed up, she makes sure to take off all her bling. In a beauty video on her site she says “A Kim trick is I never wear my ring or earrings when I’m doing glam, because the hairspray gets stuck on the jewelry and it’s really hard to get off”
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